When you read you begin with abc…

…when you play SL you begin with a backstory.

One of the greatest challenges I faced in Second Life was deciding who I wanted to be. I was so used to my days of playing WoW (I know, I know, that was totally high school, but whatever, I still love it!), where you simply make an avatar and then follow the questline that the game provides. You can only imagine my shock and excitement when I quickly discovered that in SL you create your own storyline. This wasn’t really a game but rather a giant sandbox that I could do whatever I wanted in….and that was when my ADHD kicked in.

For someone who was inactive for over 2 years, I have most certainly made up for it these past few months. I’ve had more character changes than a one-man show and at this point I’m completely exhausted. Here is the run down of my character’s evolution:

  • dancer (not too far of a stretch, I used to dance in RL)
  • exotic dancer (I had to make money somehow)
  • gorean pit dancer (hey, it’s not like this is real!)
  • slave (this was not by choice)
  • former slave turned dominant (this was by choice)
  • former slave driven by revenge to become the hunter instead of the hunted (I was feeling adventurous)
  • bounty hunter (getting paid to kill people, what could be more fun?)
  • assassin (totally awesome, but required way too much patience)
  • explorer (at this point I just started sim-hopping looking for sh*t to do)
  • art explorer (I saw how talented some of my fellow SLers were)
  • struggling artist (basically just a virtual version of who I am in RL)

Once I made that whole circuit, I came to the conclusion that it would probably be best to just be me. I mean, to an extent. I don’t look like my avatar, and I don’t/won’t post really any personal stuff, but the behavior and personality are all the same. While having a crazy elaborate character backstory can be fun, it tends to be hard to keep up with I’ve found. I don’t know, has anyone else ever created a completely new persona for their avatar??


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