An Author’s Voice

So even though I said in my last post that I would’t reveal that much personal information about myself, I think I should give you a little summary. My reasoning behind this is that as an avid reader of other blogs, I’m constantly trying to figure out who the author’s voice is. Some are very clear, while others are not. You see, if you know more about what kind of person the author is then you are able to further understand their point of view. So who is penning the words of Kahlan Asalia you ask? Let me tell you: I am a 22 year old female (american) currently in my forth year at art school studying graphic design.

I feel like the fact that I’m an art student and not yet a professional artist is important to state right now while this blog is just starting. I love all forms of art and will therefore probably post about the work I see and make in SL. I just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that I’m some sort of art critic. No, I’m merely an appreciator of fine art, and when I find something I enjoy, I want to tell people about it. Enough said.

Ok, so now this post is getting way too long (I have a bad habit of going off on tangents). I wanted to show you what I’ve seen lately and talk about a project I’m working on but I’ll put it in a new post along with some photos!


Words of Response

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