Seeking inspiration for the real world.

Being an aspiring artist both in and out of Second Life, I’ve found that I tend to separate my work from each. I mean designing a poster for a theatre production and uploading a texture then slapping it into a frame, are two totally different things. Lately however, I’ve been wanting to do something that would allow me to combine them both and I think that the perfect opportunity has finally arrived. For my graphic design class (in RL) we have to create a ‘catalog of influences’, which essentially is a 50 page book about what inspires me as a designer. Oh, and we have to pick a theme….I hate themes. So once I had exhausted all my resources in the real world, I finally turned to the virtual one. I decided to seek inspiration both from my usual art go-tos as well as several new exhibits. I’ll show you a couple of my favorite. First stop, LEA (linden endowment for the arts):Image

As a member of the LEA group, I always like to be aware of what is being shown on their various sims. The shot above is from the LEA Games sim which is set with a desolate theatre and tons of larger-than-life props (I’m sitting on a child’s letter block toy). With so many exhibits going on for the LEA Arts Festival, I couldn’t possibly blog about them all. Many of them have already had a ton of coverage, mainly one of the latest installments of the Susa Bubble story: The Arrival (I highly recommend it, it’s so hard to describe).

Next I decided to check out some of the new editor’s picks from the destination guide. I went to a few but the one that stuck out the most was Mediamorphosis: an incredibly surreal exhibit which immerses all of your senses with amazing visuals and appropriately timed sound. It’s a pretty intense experience, and I was lucky enough to go when no one else was there. I honestly tried hard not to sit there for hours and enjoy, but I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for an epic light show. Plus I will admit that I’ve always wanted a pair of those fiberoptic light gloves, and now I want them even more! Because it moves so fast, it’s hard to capture a good still photograph of the show that will do it justice. Here’s what I came out with:


Go see it while it’s still there, you won’t regret it!


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