Being Caged (both literally and figuratively)

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately….you know, there was a huge storm/blizzard up here in New England, but who am I kidding…..the truth is I’ve just been bogged down with a bad case of artist’s block. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe I’m just tired, I don’t know. Lately I’ve had so much work to do for my classes (and let’s not mention the fact that I’m desperately apartment hunting in the city as well), that I can’t seem to come up with any really creative ideas. So essentially I’m over-worked, under-slept, over-drunk, and under-fed……which is what one should expect when they become an artist.

But I have not been entirely useless this past week. I did spend some time traveling around the grid. Hands down the best place I went to was the MadPea Carneval, a creepy run-down amusement park full of mystery. At first I was a little skeptical because upon entering, it looked just like any other themed attraction. That was until I got locked in a room by-accident (typical!). I quickly discovered that in order to get out, I had to play a game. Now I know everyone at one point in their life has hopelessly tried to beat one of those frustrating online point-and-click escape games. You know the ones I’m talking about….where you’re in a room and you have to look around and collect totally random objects in order to open the door and win. Well now I was actually in one. To my surprise, I was pretty good at it (or maybe it was just really easy) but regardless, I escaped and was able to continue exploring the sim. After that little adventure I found many other such activities to do and ended up spending almost a couple hours there. These are the types of places which I love the most: places that have many layers. It forces you to explore and interact with the environment in order to understand it.


Words of Response

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