Photo Surgery

Alright, so a friend of mine in-world asked me yesterday whether or not I had doctored the image from my previous post. I told him that I did some retouching in Photoshop and that I would explain further details on my blog. Oh, and just for the record I’m not that big on providing tutorials but if anyone has a question or wants to know how I did something, just ask and I’ll respond. I’m just going to give a brief overview, but here goes. First, here is the original screenshot directly taken in Second Life:


As you can see, it’s very dark and the details are hard to distinguish. So what I first did was change the color balance (one of my most used tools) in order to provide a warmth to the photo. Then I adjusted the levels slightly and deepened the contrast/brightness as well as added some saturation. This added a nice glow to the background and also helped lighten the foreground. Here is the result:


So it’s better, but the foreground is still too dark and the figure (me) is still hard to see. Next I created a new adjustment layer and added some lighting effects. I used 3 spotlights which I moved and angled to look like sunlight streaming through the cage. And now you have the final result:


So even though this was just a quick and dirty photo fix-up, I hope you learned something. I also plan on experimenting a lot with more intense and difficult photo manipulation in the future, and I will be sure to keep you all posted!


Words of Response

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