New Season, New Skin

Even though I’m not a “fashion” blogger, I figured I should at least post whenever I drastically update my avatar, that way you’re not all of a sudden wondering why I look different in my pics! I’ve always been a one-skin kind of avatar, just using whatever I had in my inventory. I never really cared that much about it at all, but upon reflection (and by that I mean stalking how other people look) I saw that I had no variety.  Other bloggers have vast amounts of different makeups and tones for various occasions which give depth to their avatars. I on the other hand, have been using a really old version of Redgrave’s Leticia skin. I picked it up free awhile ago and it’s only one tone: tan with day makeup (rose). So this weekend I decided to stop by and see if I can pick up some other skins within the same family. Much to my surprise, I discovered that my skin was older than I thought (I’ve been wearing Leticia 1 and they are already on Leticia 3)! I didn’t like the newer version as much as the one I had been using so I browsed around and fell in love with an entirely new skin family: Summer. I thought this was ironic because I’ve already mentioned my love for actress Summer Glau (in this post) and the skin kinda looked like her! Of course it didn’t quite look like her once I tried it on my shape, but I’m still obsessed with it. It’s similar to my old skin in that I still have that one rogue face freckle and am still awesomely tan (unlike in RL where I pretty much look like a vampire in the wintertime), except it looks more natural and has more body freckles and better eyebrows. Okay I’m done now…sorry about the fashion digression! Anyway, here is the before and after look:



Words of Response

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