Calming My Nerves (or my 5 SL pet peeves)


I’ve been off for awhile so this post is long overdue. There are two new memes out from Strawberry that I am excited about blogging, so here goes the first one:

There are many things that really push my buttons in SL but a few are worthy enough to garner a real rise out of me. After reading a lot of the responses from this meme I’m gonna take a stab at it. However I don’t want to just repeat what everyone else said, even though they are totally true (facelights and notecards are the bane of my SL existence)!  I’m going to try to present some new pet peeves to add the the SL mixing pot! Some of these may be a little odd… here goes:

1. Flash dancers: Unless I’m in the mood for it, and I’m usually not outside of the dance floor, it really bugs me when you’re just standing around and someone decides to bust out dancing. This has happened to me several times and it’s really awkward because then sometimes others will join in and then I feel obliged to as well, but I never do.

2. Talking objects: So this doesn’t really piss me off so much as just annoy me. When random objects (or pregnant woman’s bellies) start talking and saying weird things and filling my chat log, it’s really bothersome.

3. Quiet lurkers: All of us have probably at one point in SL been stalked or harassed by some creepy dude who keeps IMing you, but you don’t really know what he’s saying because obviously it’s in a foreign language which you don’t know (or maybe this is just me?….). Anyway, that is normal and expected for female avatars, but what I hate is when people follow you from a distance. They never say anything and if you confront them, they tp away, but you can just constantly see their little green dot on the mini-map following your every move. It’s kinda scary.

4. Poorly-constructed areas: One of the things I probably spend the most time doing in SL is getting unstuck from various awkward positions. Half of this is my own fault because I’m not really a smooth navigator and I tend to walk into things, but this is also partly due to inadequate building skills. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve by-accident run into a wall or something and then got stuck there. I’ll try to move but can’t and usually the only solution is to teleport away. It’s very annoying, especially in no-fly zones because a lot of times I’ll fall into a hole and then can’t find a way out. Wow, I just realized how sad and embarrassing that sounds.

5. Public lovers: I don’t care what people do to each other with poseballs, just don’t do it where everyone else can see! That’s what skyboxes and adult sims are for! It has happened to me several times (in NON-adult sims, mind you) that I’ll walk in on a couple of avatars having good old-fashioned pixel sex. The worst is that this wasn’t even in a house or behind a closed door or anything. I was hunting for jewels in a region and came across a really valuable gem; the only problem was that this couple was getting some animation action in the grass right next to it….I had to give up 30L for that because I didn’t feel like standing next to them waiting for 260 seconds.


So those are several of my pet peeves, there are many more but I won’t bore you.

Till next time!



One thought on “Calming My Nerves (or my 5 SL pet peeves)

  1. LOL oh dear I frequently dance outside of dancefloors, not because I want anyone else to join in but just because I like dancing – and in shops, it helps to show off a demo. I don’t use music if others are around though. That would be annoying.

    Talking objects, especially tummies, ugh I’m with you!

    Creepy stalkers, never had that issue, most folks seem to avoid my avatars *g* Must be really horrid for you though 😦

    Getting stuck… LOL well I do that frequently myself but can’t usually blame the builder, except this one time the floor was suddenly phantom and I fell through, that was annoying! Sometimes a builder will move their store up by a few metres and not update the lm and then you get trapped underneath the building, that one really sucks. I have double-click tp enabled on my viewer so generally I can get out from anywhere without too much difficulty…

    And public lovers, naughty naughty! I so would have stood there for that jewel, and gone afk if necessary. I would have stood RIGHT NEXT TO THEM staring down at them to make THEM feel uncomfortable >:) Though I suppose people like that are exhibitionists.

    ~ Fledhyris Proudhon inworld and on blogspot ~

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