Rambling Tangents 2.0

This is long overdue but this blog will change drastically soon. It’s another one of many projects that I’ve forgotten about but allowed to exist nonetheless. I considered just deleting this whole site but I like the name (and WordPress doesn’t let you reuse domain names) and I don’t want to just erase everything I’ve done so far. So I will be re-purposing this blog and turning it into something that is more relevant to my current life.

I have not logged onto Second Life in about 2 years (or whenever my last post was), and I have no immediate plans to do so in the near future. I have not however deleted my SL marketplace store, so feel free to check out the few art pieces that are still there. So no more SL related content for now, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to keep up with other Second Life bloggers and seeing how you all are doing.

I am still an avid gamer, and I have plenty of virtual world shenanigans to blog about so don’t fret! I also still continue to create virtual/digital art but I am now a full-time Graphic Designer working 8:30-5:30 so my free time is limited. Blogging was a really fun creative outlet for me years ago and I hope to pick it right back up again now!

So until next time,

-K (who will soon be replaced by a different persona of mine….)


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