Meet Alurellea

As a lover of games and virtual worlds, I often become extremely invested in the characters I am playing. They can act as both an extension of yourself or a completely new identity. “Kahlan Asalia” was my Second Life character. She started out as someone very unlike me, not only in appearance but in attitude and mannerism as well. Through her I was able to say and do things that I wouldn’t normally. After some time though, it became exhausting; trying to keep up an act that I wasn’t comfortable with, trying to be not me.  That is essentially why I can never stick with Second Life for more than a few months at a time. It’s too much. (Plus my computer can barely handle it on the lowest settings!)

On the other hand, “Alurellea” is a manifestation of many years experience. What started out as just a name has since transformed into my personal virtual representation across many platforms. It is now through her that I will continue this blog. (Backstory and origin to come later…)



Words of Response

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