Rambling Tangents 2.0

This is long overdue but this blog will change drastically soon. It’s another one of many projects that I’ve forgotten about but allowed to exist nonetheless. I considered just deleting this whole site but I like the name (and WordPress doesn’t let you reuse domain names) and I don’t want to just erase everything I’ve done so far. So I will be re-purposing this blog and turning it into something that is more relevant to my current life. Continue reading “Rambling Tangents 2.0”


Calming My Nerves (or my 5 SL pet peeves)


I’ve been off for awhile so this post is long overdue. There are two new memes out from Strawberry that I am excited about blogging, so here goes the first one:

There are many things that really push my buttons in SL but a few are worthy enough to garner a real rise out of me. After reading a lot of the responses from this meme I’m gonna take a stab at it. However I don’t want to just repeat what everyone else said, even though they are totally true (facelights and notecards are the bane of my SL existence)! Continue reading “Calming My Nerves (or my 5 SL pet peeves)”